#VerticalSlice 5×16 StudioFOW’s Mr Kristoff

In which I chat with StudioFOW‘s Executive Project Manager, Mr. Kristoff about their upcoming game “Subverse.” I see an epic fuck-ton of indie game announcements and/or trailers and when I first heard of “Subverse,” I admit (and admitted in the episode) that I was skeptical. A lot of times what I find is that indie developers’ dreams are bigger than their resources and so what might start out as a cool, ambitious idea often ends up in cool, ambitious pea soup. So when I read of “Subverse” as being a huge, 3D, RPG, epic, awesome, sexy scifi RPG (yes, I said that twice), I clicked on the trailer with a hefty amount of snark-face. What I found was a game that, even in its early stages, looks fucking awesome and fun as hell. And if StudioFOW’s Kickstarter success is any indication, the game sure will be.

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