#VerticalSlice 5×5 Retrotainment’s Tim Hartman

TECHNICAL WARNING: This episode suffered many audio drop-outs maybe due to Discord, maybe due to not Discord. Your patience is appreciated.

In which I chat with Retrotainment‘s Tim Hartman! Hartman and Retrotainment are doing something I didn’t even know previous to finding them existed–producing cartridge games for the NES! Oh, sure, 8-bit- and 16-bit-style games are all the rage in the indie dev world now, but Retrotainment has taken that to a whole other level by not only producing the physical cartridges, but also intentionally constraining themselves to the programmatic limitations of the NES. So none of that 16 trillion color palette bullcrap! No, no. Retrotainment’s “Haunted Halloween ’86” is the real deal!

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