#VerticalSlice 6×3 Bamfer Productions’ (“Light House”) Jeff Heimbuch and Kori Celeste

In which I SPOILERS! chat with SPOILERS! Jeff Heimbuch and Kori Celeste of SPOILERS! Bamfer Productions about everything from Heimbuch’s other venture HorrorBuzz to his and Celeste’s views on the evolving LA haunt landscape, including Knott’s Scary Farm, Bamfer Productions’ previous forays into the immersive space, and, of course, my favorite haunted house story in years, their very own “Light House“! Why all the spoiler warnings? Because we go into major spoiler territory not only on the first five episodes of “Light House,” but also for films “Crimson Peak,” “An American Ghost Story,” “Apostle,” and yes, even “Saving Private Ryan.” If you haven’t seen any of those and wish to, or if you haven’t listened to the first five chapters of “Light House,” then please listen to this at your own risk!

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