#VerticalSlice S04E09 Hyperkinetic Studios’ (“Epic Tavern”) Rich Bisso and Tomo Moriwaki

In which I chat with Hyperkinetic Studios‘ co-founder and CTO Rich Bisso, and co-founder and CCO Tomo Moriwaki. We of course chatted their game “Epic Tavern,” but also went into both their backgrounds and design philosophies. For the as-uninitiated-as-I-was, Bisso had worked on one of my favorite GameCube titles, “Ultimate Spider-Man” and Moriwaki had contributed to one of my favorite PS3 titles that I never got to play, “Rise of the Argonauts.” We even snuck in Moriwaki’s epic anecdotes of working with the one and only Steven Spielberg on “Boom Blox“! Thanks to Stride PR‘s Lena LeRay for all her help!


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