#VerticalSlice S04E12 Triple Eh?’s (“Lumo”) Gareth Noyce returns!

Behold, the triumphant return of one-man studio, epic designer extraordinaire, and hopefully crusher of Nintendo Switch competition, Triple Eh’s Gareth Noyce! When last we spoke, he’d recently released his great, arcade-y/isometric-y platforming adventure/throwback title “Lumo” on the PS4 (after a delightful debut on PC) and I bitched and moaned and griped about how hard the ice levels were! Since then, I’ve still not completed those ice levels, but I have acquired a Switch. Unfortunately for Noyce, since I acquired “Lumo” on PS4, I most likely won’t be acquiring it on Switch, but damn, I wish I were because it’s gonna be a physical copy! Woo hoo! Noyce and I also talked about hanging out in Florida and visiting theme parks. Enjoy!


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